Ze Art of Asian Knotwork~

yeah, asians are just that awesome. Not only do we make art varying from architecture to paintings to clothes we insist to beautify just about everything and i do mean anything. 

Including things like knots. I’ve just recently found a bunch of easy and not-so-easy knot tutorials on youtube that i’d really like to share. Honestly, it’s a great past time and a pretty cheap on at that! ( i mean, as in price wise. =P ) Who said arts has to be expensive? =) 

Yeaaaah. now what ze hell would i use a fancy knot for, hmmmm? we~elllll, you  can make some really snazzy and stylish jewellery like necklaces out of them, for instance. You could even use them as gifts on certain/special occasions. You could use them as key chains or charms that you could hang on your student ID card or a wallet or even jazz up a simple old purse or bag. Guys, you may think it just sounds girly up till now but there are some cool guyish ones out there too. Like the Chinese Monkey Fist that honestly just looks like a ball to me. sorry, but i just do not see any fist there!

Here are a few very easy ones:

For Valentine’s this would be sooo romantic if a guy were to make a necklace with this design for his girlfriend =3 It’s one of the easiest and the first one i found. It’s a Celtic Heart. and totally adorable ❤ i made a headband out of it =)


Here’s a Good Luck four-leafed clover design that i would recommend making a charm out of to give to friends for exams or elections (be it sports rep or student council =) ) or even to give to a relative for a job interview! It’s also easy and i think many people will find this easier than the Celtic Heart up there^ =P In a few months i’ve got my exams so im gonna make them right now in the summer vacation for aaalllll of my friends =) (i’ve got a lotta friends so i gotta make them now when i’ve got time. plus, i don’t wanna have this hanging over my head when i’m studying/cramming/loosing sleep 😉 )


(i’m starting to get tired of this buuut, *sigh*) i do not own any of these videos or youtube (as some might start to think by now…) or anything apart of these links or where they lead to! (wow, my disclaimers are just getting better and better, huh..?? -______- )





HEY, Dorkettes, Geeks and Nerds!

Hola, world! sorry, i haven’t been posting lately since an art project went horribly wrong and long story short i split my thumb and index finger open so i couldn’t type for a few days. my apologies, and here i am back with a little more Youtube advertising =P

ok, i am sooo not trying to expand youtube users or anything but it’s just that i use it a lot. like a lot. so whenever i watch something that i find really interesting or just awesome then i just wanna share it here!

so im not much of a geek (who studies too much) or a nerd  (for lack of a better term, harry potter obsessed fan =D ) or a dorkette. i’m just a sorta smarticle person. i just don’t like showing that side of me much cuz its not as fuuuuunnn as the crazy chocolate coffee drugged fun side of me 😉

but anyways, crazy me found a channel on Youtube that’s all scientific but not boring science and it’t told in a really interesting cool understandable way that could enlighten a rock (trust me, that’s some serious enlightenment ^_^ ) And the show even covers some really interesting topics as well. i’d request everyone to atleast try it out- especially before finals! (there’s even a special crash course playlist and other play lists categorized as ‘Biology’, ‘Chemistry’, and ‘Physics’.)

So please check it out, and here is ze link:


disclaimer (cuz just everyone luvs copyrights, right? -.- ) : this video is not mine and i do not own anything; not the content; not the account; not the theme song; NOTHING. arigato~

side note: this guy who makes these videos is William Hank Green who happens to be the younger brother of the vlogbrothers (another channel on youtube which is pretty funny) and also the co-producer or co-creater (im not too sure!) of the LizzieBennetDiaries which is a comedy parody series of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice novel (a classic; haha, im a literature student =3 ) and is where elizabeth; lizzie bennet vlogs on youtube. So go check that out! Hank is also the guy who sung the “Father’s of the Founding Father’s” song that i also shared with you guys =)

yesh, he’s just that awesome B)


A Customized Fridge (awesome home deco ideas)

It’s my dream to become an interior decorator. I just love the idea of decorating and earning a living involving some art. So i saw this cute video (its really short-only about 30 seconds) with a great idea that works for guys and gals and adds a really artsy look to your kitchen. It’s not really sophisticated but i think it’s really great, especially for those college or university students who have just moved into an apartment.

it can also be used to spruce up and add a little multi-tasking to an already working fridge that just has lost its sparkle and or has waaaay to many scratches on the front or too many stains.

I hope you check it out so,  lastly, here’s the link:


^i do not own this video and i do not claim that this is my idea, cuz its not.

Save Water but still manage to Chill in ze Summer

Currently my town’s having a water shortage in this summer. and so to prevent wasting water needlessly, we are trying to ban pools from being filled with gallons and gallons of water when people are literally dying of thirst (around the world).

So is it a problem being all moral-ful and total Justice League-ing it but not wanting to have no fun splashing around in a pool when your miles from the coastline so beaches are out as and alternative and you feel that the heat is just plain ol’ unbearable?

if so then, i’ve got an alternative for you (salesman mooodddeeee)! Have a water fight! its cheap, fun, easy to arrange, and a great change to when your done playing old board games  with your little brother =)

i had one today with  my friends and it was awesome! we had a great time and spent about an hour and a half shooting each other with jets of water.

Now some may argue that their water guns are broken or lost or that they just don’t possess one. simple fix. two of my friends there weren’t armed. so instead we hooked one up with a bowl the size of the Grand Canyon (she had us soaked in seconds!) and the other got a spray bottle ( you know, the kind they have at beauty salons that they use to spritz your hair wet before you get a haircut?). other non-water gun options could also involve a bucket (for those who do not own Grand Canyon-sized bowls) and a water hose.

Heck, you could be inspired by the Hunger Games since its so awesome and in right now. you could set up rules like no one spraying/shooting/drenching anyone while reloading or when they’re in a specific marked off area. and for anyone who violates the rules, there could be a punishment for them. for example, having them stand still while everyone shoots at them or stand right next to a sprinkler for 2 minutes or have a bucket-full of water thrown on them, etc.

So basically, this was just a water-saving idea where i share my ideas of water saving by still managing to stay cool in the summer without having to waste water by filling a huge pool with the substance that may very well be the reason for World War III. Have fun guys and make sure to enjoy summer~! 😀

Youtubing- Father’s Day

I have always agreed with the main chorus line in the song in the video i’m going to leave a link to here. i just watched it and i love this song. it’s amazingly catchy, fast but cool. since it actually means something. it has a message. and i just wanted to share this video with whoever has something like two and a half minutes of free time to appreciate a father, so click the link below and be blown?

i’d also recommend subscribing to VlogBrothers, who are the creaters of this song. disclaimer: i do not own any of this and i am simply sorta advertising there awesomeness so if they dare even consider flagging me for copyrights or whatever, i have news for you. it won’t stick. simple as zat.

so enjoy the song about truly appreciating fathers on their own day~


thanks for watching the video if you did, and please like it if you do! leave a comment below to give me your feedback- was it good or what?

Summer Vacation = SV = a typo for TV shows?

right. summer. that glorious time where kids don’t go to school because their brains are melting and they just can’t think anymore. so i’m one of those kids and, of course, i haven’t been thinking. much.

so since i don’t have any official summer plans, i got a part time job which i’m excited about since i’ve never had one before. totally looking forward to that =)

And with all the free time on my hands, my friend has shoved a bunch of TV shows onto me and a bunch of others i just felt like trying. so basically, i have to get round to watching them in the first place =/ but honestly, i  just feel too lazy.

But i’ll right down their names so if anyone’s interested they can watch ’em and so you guys know what kind of tv shows i feel like i should watch.

Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, the Big Bang Theory, Full House (watching again cuz i just love the early seasons so much =P ), ‘Good Luck, Charlie’ , Gilmore Girls, The Game of Thrones, Smallville, Chuck and so many others that i have just forgot about. oops. =P

And if you think that ^that is a lot, you have absolutely no idea how many books i have to read this summer! for school AND pleasure! 😉

First Day on the job

Howdy there people! 

This is just a past time sort of thing where I’ll be uploading opinions basically, critiques and just some random pointlessness. Id love to put up my comicshere but I have no idea how to do that. So if I get it figured out, I’ll upload some stuff like that. Do you guys want a more artsy thing or what? 

To anyone who bothered reading this, or just skim through it, thanks~ you’ve just made one more person I’m the world happier ie. me 😀 

So thanks for reading and visiting this blog! 

Just add some Sugar to that Mochas; where life gets just a tiny bit Sunnier and Sweeter.

And maybe just a tad bit more FUN! 😉 see you next time? :*