Ze Art of Asian Knotwork~

yeah, asians are just that awesome. Not only do we make art varying from architecture to paintings to clothes we insist to beautify just about everything and i do mean anything. 

Including things like knots. I’ve just recently found a bunch of easy and not-so-easy knot tutorials on youtube that i’d really like to share. Honestly, it’s a great past time and a pretty cheap on at that! ( i mean, as in price wise. =P ) Who said arts has to be expensive? =) 

Yeaaaah. now what ze hell would i use a fancy knot for, hmmmm? we~elllll, you  can make some really snazzy and stylish jewellery like necklaces out of them, for instance. You could even use them as gifts on certain/special occasions. You could use them as key chains or charms that you could hang on your student ID card or a wallet or even jazz up a simple old purse or bag. Guys, you may think it just sounds girly up till now but there are some cool guyish ones out there too. Like the Chinese Monkey Fist that honestly just looks like a ball to me. sorry, but i just do not see any fist there!

Here are a few very easy ones:

For Valentine’s this would be sooo romantic if a guy were to make a necklace with this design for his girlfriend =3 It’s one of the easiest and the first one i found. It’s a Celtic Heart. and totally adorable ❤ i made a headband out of it =)


Here’s a Good Luck four-leafed clover design that i would recommend making a charm out of to give to friends for exams or elections (be it sports rep or student council =) ) or even to give to a relative for a job interview! It’s also easy and i think many people will find this easier than the Celtic Heart up there^ =P In a few months i’ve got my exams so im gonna make them right now in the summer vacation for aaalllll of my friends =) (i’ve got a lotta friends so i gotta make them now when i’ve got time. plus, i don’t wanna have this hanging over my head when i’m studying/cramming/loosing sleep 😉 )


(i’m starting to get tired of this buuut, *sigh*) i do not own any of these videos or youtube (as some might start to think by now…) or anything apart of these links or where they lead to! (wow, my disclaimers are just getting better and better, huh..?? -______- )





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