Here’s to Nostalgia and Impromptu Babbling- What now?

Uhh first post of 2017?…In July?

But dang, everytime I post something, there’s a new post editing format I have to deal with xD

Suppose that’s what happens when I get busy with Uni and don’t necessarily feel the need to document everything on here as I once did. Which kind of stinks, but this is such FUN to read through- which is what I was doing after a discussion on dream journals with Rock last night. And now I feel like I want to type out something, anything :3

Which is what this is I suppose. I might as well address what I want to do with this space at this point.

Like I mentioned, I don’t really document or catalog as much on here as I used to. I might still put some anime reactions when I feel the urge to. It’s easy being able to spew my anime ramblings on here and it’s fun putting all those googled pictures up to go with them~ Hmm, but besides that, I don’t know if I’ll really put stories up as much. I’d like to. I might, but they won’t be posted as close to “in real time” like I tried to back when I updated my life happenings years ago. I think that’ll do for now. Oh, and I might put some book discussions and reviews up too. Yup, that’s a swell idea. I like it.

And that’s all this is, for now I guess. 2017 here we come? 😛

the magical as hell snowman